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What are the care instructions for my Shopping Bag?

Please see our care instructions below:. Clean with cool water and gentle diluted detergent -- Avoid using strong detergents that could bleach or damage the PU. Avoid using any heat sources on the bag and use a soft white cloth to gently remove any m

Do you offer repair or cleaning services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer repair services for our products. If your bag is damaged from normal wear/use, we suggest taking it to a repair shop that specializes in accessories like bags and shoes. Make sure to mention that the bag is faux leather

What are the care instructions for my Logo Belt?

To clean the buckle, use a microfiber cloth to buff out any scuffs/scratches. Please note: Utilizing any chemical compound may strip away the protective coating from the buckle and may cause it to tarnish over time. To clean the faux leather, clean w

What are the care instructions for my Jewelry?

Keep away from moisture. Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing. Remove before showering, working out, and before going to bed. Keep jewelry in its protective case when not in use. Use a soft cloth to gently clean and remove any residue.

What are the care instructions specifically for UGG Bags?

Please see UGG care instructions below:. Use a clean, very soft, damp rag and wipe or blot gently. Do not rub. Do not use any cleaning product. Do not use a brush. You MAY use UGG Protector product.

I believe my item is defective, what do I do?

Please email us immediately at [email protected].

What are the care instructions for the Embossed Apparel?

Hand wash the items in cold water, inside out - do not use a washing machine. Hang or lay flat to dry - do not tumble dry. Do not bleach or iron.

What are the care instructions for my Wallet?

Leather is a natural material that will develop texture variations and acquire a patina and may darken over time due to handling and use. Leather conditioner and other leather products can be used to repair scuffs and scratches. Occasionally, dye fro

What are the care instructions for my Melissa item?

Wash with mild soap and water (no bleach or detergents)Do not wash in a machine or use hot waterUse a soft bristle brushDry in the shade away from direct sunlight and heatSmudges and fogginess can be removed by wiping with a clean microfiber towelAll

What are the care instructions for my Denim Shopper?

Machine wash with cold water and detergent, do not bleach, wash separately - do not wash with lighter colored items.

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