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What are the care instructions for my Shopping Bag?Updated a year ago

Please see our care instructions below:

Clean with cool water and gentle diluted detergent -- Avoid using strong detergents that could bleach or damage the PU. Avoid using any heat sources on the bag and use a soft white cloth to gently remove any marks. Do not wash in a machine, tumble dry, or bleach. Do not dry clean.

Occasionally, dye from clothing or other dark-colored bags can transfer onto light-colored bags due to friction, heat, or humidity. This happens because the dye in the dark-colored item has not been properly released or sealed. This effect may vary depending on the material and dye used on these other items. To prevent this issue, please avoid wearing lightly-colored items in direct contact with dark-colored items, especially if the dark-colored items are made of materials that are known to transfer color easily, such as denim.

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